GH Power has secured a $25,000 grant for R&D support from the Ontario Clean Technology Industry Association

The grant will support Research & Development on optimal fuel mixture for GH Power’s reactor and the ultimate refinement for the high purity alumina


Canada’s environment and clean technology (ECT) sector is worth $73B (2.9% of GDP) with the manufacturing part alone being worth $33.6B with 28% of that being exports. Canada is becoming a leader in electricity generation through producing some of the cleanest and most affordable power worldwide.

GH Power has been awarded a $25,000 grant for Research & Development from the Ontario Clean Technology Industry Association (OTCIA) to further advance green energy technology.

About OCTIA:

Formed by experienced clean technology leaders in January 2019, the Ontario Clean Technology Industry Association (OCTIA), aims:

  • Strengthen, foster, and promote Ontario’s cleantech community.
  • Build partnerships and networks to generate quality business opportunities.
  • Encourage industry and government leaders to act in support of Ontario’s cleantech sector.

Accomplishes from OCTIA include:

  • OCTIA and the Canada Cleantech Alliance have advocated for years for Investment Tax Credits. Most recently, the federal government released a 30% refundable investment tax credit as well as a manufacturing investment tax credit for clean energy technologies. The Ontario government also announced a 10% manufacturing investment tax credit for products that are made in the province.
  • OCTIA has been instrumental in connecting clean technology companies with investors and buyers.
  • OCTIA provided very fast feedback about COVID government programs to make sure they were effective for the cleantech sector with its particularities.
  • OCTIA and the Canada Cleantech Alliance brought to the attention of the Federal Government that a pre-existing fundamental source of support for the cleantech sector through SRED had frozen up during COVID. Within a few weeks funds began flowing again!
  • OCTIA has also played a key role in helping the Government of Ontario understand how cleantech is a driver of economic development.

Canada, as part of an ambitious climate agenda has committed to increasing its GHG-free power generation to 90% by 2030.

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